ReFa Wonderland Set

ReFa Wonderland Set

Face up to a beautiful holiday season with the ReFa Wonderland Set. A $340 value for $240 while supplies last.

Face up to a beautiful holiday season with this limited-edition value set that includes the ReFa CARAT, ReFa FACE-UP CREAM, and ReFa MOISTURE SOAP CL.

The ReFa Wonderland Set includes:

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Product Details

ReFa CARAT: Platinum-coated and waterproof, this multiangular roller helps tighten and tone the look of skin from head to toe with a mild microcurrent for less visible puffiness and a firmer, more contoured and rejuvenated appearance.

For use on the cheeks, jawline, neck, chest, underarms, waist and inner thighs.

See Details
ReFa FACE-UP CREAM: A three-in-one hydrating face cream that helps visibly improve the firmness and suppleness of skin while optimizing the performance and rejuvenating benefits of ReFa facial rollers.

For use on the face.

ReFa MOISTURE SOAP CL: Formulated with five different types of collagen to moisturize as it cleanses, this hybrid gel bar soap locks in hydration to leave skin looking and feeling supple, smooth and baby-soft.

How To Use


Firmly gripping the thickest part of the handle without covering the solar panel, roll in both directions along the contours of your face and body – pulling up the areas where the skin is soft. See Details


Dispense an appropriate amount into your hand, and gently spread the cream over your face. If using with a ReFa roller such as the ReFa CARAT, apply and leave on for one minute prior to rolling. See Details


After wetting your hands and face, work the soap into a lather in the palm of your hand. Apply the lather to your face and rub in a circular motion before rinsing thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water. Rinse the lather off the soap and store in an airtight container to prevent it from drying out.


ReFa CARAT: See Details

ReFa FACE-UP CREAM: See Details


ReFa CARAT: See Details

ReFa FACE-UP CREAM: See Details

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