Platinum-coated and embellished with an exquisite Swarovski crystal, this Double Quatro roller replicates the rhythmic tapping action of an esthetician’s fingertips to help visibly tighten and tone the finer points of the face.

For use on the forehead, cheeks and neck.

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Product Details

Double Quatro Roller: With a sparkling ®Swarovski crystal at its center, this four-sided roller replicates the rhythmic tapping used by professional estheticians to help firm, rejuvenate and smooth the appearance of skin that tends to puff and slacken on the cheeks, neck and forehead.
Microcurrent: A solar panel embedded in the handle converts available light into a mild, soothing microcurrent.
Platinum Coating: The surface of the roller is coated in platinum to minimize irritation and extend its use over time.

How To Use

Standard Hold

Firmly grip the thickest part of the handle without covering the solar panel with your hand.

Rolling Method

Roll back and forth along the lines of your face and décolletage.

Face Care

Roll back and forth from the sides of your nose to your ears.

Neck Care

Roll up and down from your chin to the middle of your neck.

Forehead Care

Roll up and down from your eyebrows to your hairline.


Product Name: ReFa I STYLE
Model: RF-IS1818B
Size: 23mm x 176mm x 23mm
Weight: Approx. 62g
Included Items: Cleaning Cloth, Pouch, Instruction Manual, Guidebook, Safety Manual, Warranty Card
Construction Materials: Aluminum, ABS Plastic, Acrylic, Crystal Glass, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Platinum (Pt)


This product should not be used by:

  • People prone to metal allergies
  • People with sensory abnormalities of the skin
  • People with infected or inflamed skin
  • Women in the early unstable stages of pregnancy or immediately after childbirth, as well as women who are pregnant but not in good health (such as those suffering from pregnant hypertension syndrome)
  • People with a bleeding disorder (such as hemophilia)
  • People in poor health
  • People who form bruises or purple spots easily
  • People who are taking medication
  • People who have been drinking alcohol
  • People who are extremely fatigued

Product specifications are subject to change without notice in order to improve product performance. Photos and images are for illustrative purposes only. Product color may vary slightly from photos. Benefits are not guaranteed, and may vary based on the user. Keep out of reach of children.

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