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Compact, portable and available in glossy white or lustrous red, this convenient contouring tool helps visibly diminish puffiness and fascial tension for sharper, more enhanced-looking features on the go. Its precisely-angled CAXA line and four miniature rollers were designed to scoop and knead your face, neck and décolletage from every angle for a lifted and rejuvenated appearance. NOTE: To allow for its small size, the ReFa CAXA M1 contains no solar panel and does not generate microcurrent.

For use on the cheeks, forehead, jawline, neck and décolletage.

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Product code: reFa-CAXA-M1

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Product Details

Quick Release Lift: Together, the precisely-angled Seagull CAXA line and four miniature rollers replicate the friction (or scooping) and kneading methods of professional estheticians to help quickly and visibly reduce puffiness and fascial distortion for sharper, more enhanced-looking features. Known as Quick Release Lift, this technique is a modification of the Release Lift action pioneered by the ReFa CAXA RAY and the ReFa CAXA.
Four Kneading Rollers: Just like a gentle massage with four fingers, two pairs of miniature rollers replicate the kneading technique used by estheticians – and cover a remarkably wide surface area in a single roll.
Compact Design: A smaller and simpler take on ReFa's other CAXA devices, the ReFa CAXA M1 has no solar panel for microcurrent generation – allowing for a more compact size that fits in the palm of your hand for quick and convenient contouring on the go.

How To Use

First, use the Seagull CAXA line to scoop the skin along your chin, cheeks and forehead. Then use the four miniature rollers to knead your neckline and jawline on both sides of your face. Pair with our ReFa FACE-UP CREAM or your favorite facial moisturizer for enhanced product absorption and an even deeper massage. See Details


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