ReFa 4 Dad Set

ReFa 4 Dad Set

Give Dad a skin fitness routine that’s customized for his face and body with the ReFa 4 Dad Set. A $400 value for $280. Exclusively available from 5/22 to 6/21.

  • ReFa 4 CARAT

Give Dad a routine that’s customized for his skin fitness and wellness needs with this limited-edition value set that includes our versatile ReFa 4 CARAT face and body roller and a 2-week supply of our convenient ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH JELLY.

The ReFa 4 Dad Set includes:

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Product Details

ReFa 4 CARAT: Platinum-coated and waterproof, this elegant multiangular roller draws the skin in from all angles with a double kneading technique that helps tighten and tone the look of contours from your face to your waist.

For use on the jawline, cheeks, neck, hips and waist.

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ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH JELLY: Formulated with high-purity, low-molecular-weight collagen developed in partnership with Fujifilm, this concentrated beauty supplement has a delicious fruit flavor and a convenient gel texture that's rapidly absorbed by the body for superior skincare benefits on the go.

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How To Use

ReFa 4 CARAT: Firmly gripping the thickest part of the handle, roll up and down from the corners of your mouth to your ears, from the top of your neck to the base of your shoulders, and from your waist to just below your ribs. See Details

ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH JELLY: Each packet contains 5,000mg of collagen, the recommended daily serving for healthier and more beautiful skin, hair and nails. We recommend consuming one packet of ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH JELLY a day. Tear packet open at the notched top and enjoy anytime, anywhere. See Details


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