The flexible head of the ReFa MOTION CARAT moves as you roll to more precisely fit every curve and contour of your skin. With continued use, the ReFa MOTION CARAT can help visibly improve your skin’s softness and suppleness.

For use on the cheeks, jawline, neck, décolletage, upper arms and thighs.

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Product Details

Deep Drainage Rollers: The Deep Drainage* rollers are designed to move back and forth, replicating the complex deep-kneading hand manipulations of a professional esthetician to help visibly improve the firmness and suppleness of skin.
*Drainage is a technique that estheticians often perform, and is not meant to imply any effect that the product has on the body.
Microcurrent: A solar panel embedded in the handle converts available light into a very mild, soothing microcurrent.
Platinum Coating: The rollers are coated in platinum to minimize irritation and extend their use over time.
Waterproof Construction: Conforms with JIS standards (equivalent to IPX7) for safe use in the bathtub, shower or Jacuzzi.

How To Use

Firmly grip the thickest part of the handle, being careful not to cover the solar panel with your hand. Roll the device back and forth along your face and body so the soft part of your skin is gently lifted between the rollers. Pair with our ReFa FACE-UP CREAM or your favorite facial moisturizer for enhanced product absorption and an even deeper massage.
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