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ReFa’s first-ever supplement is like no other collagen drink of its kind. Formulated with concentrated high-purity, low-molecular collagen along with Cysteine Peptide and vitamin C, ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH has a delicious flavor and is rapidly absorbed for superior beautifying benefits.
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Unlock your beauty with collagen.

Collagen is a structural protein that shapes the human body. ReFa has packed a 480mL bottle with 160,000mg of collagen in a highly concentrated formula. Through our partnership with Fujifilm Corporation, we have succeeded in developing a high-purity, low-molecular collagen that delivers incredible benefits. Taking high-quality collagen regularly is the key to unlocking your beauty... and enriching your life. Be proactive about your beauty with the efficacious properties of ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH.

High-purity collagen from the very first extract.

ReFa’s collagen is extracted at low temperatures to suppress deterioration. Because we only use the very first extract in the purification process, our collagen has an extraordinarily high level of potency.

Low-molecular collagen for rapid absorption.

With its low molecular weight, the collagen in ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH is quickly and easily absorbed by the body.

160,000mg of collagen in a single bottle.

A high-concentration collagen drink, ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH delivers 160,000mg of high-purity, low-molecular collagen in an elegant bottle that fits seamlessly into your everyday life. Its high concentration is a feat of engineering, made possible through breakthrough technology and a tireless commitment to quality. With its great taste and high potency, ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH will change the way you look at collagen drinks forever.

A rich, thick and smooth consistency.

ReFa’s highly concentrated formula contains a superior type of collagen.

ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH was developed in partnership with Fujifilm Corporation, a renowned Japanese company whose expertise in collagen procurement and processing comes from decades of developing cutting-edge film technologies. The high-purity, low-molecular collagen in ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH is superior in nature – and emblematic of all ReFa products.

Formulated with Vitamin C and Cysteine Peptide* to aid absorption.

ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH is formulated with vitamin C and Cysteine Peptide* to aid collagen absorption.

A delicious mixed fruit flavor you’ll crave.

A delicious mixed fruit flavor that you’ll enjoy drinking.
Approx. 15mL per serving. A caffeine-free drink to enjoy anytime.

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How to get your daily dose of beauty.

We recommend drinking 15mL of ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH a day.
Pour the product up to the 15mL line inside the cup that comes with the bottle, and enjoy.
Model RF-CE2235C-M
Volume 480mL
  • Collagen...160,000mg
  • Vitamin C, Cysteine Peptide (L-phenylanine compound); water, erythritol, vitamin C, L-tartaric acid, citric acid, phosphoric acid, flavor, maltose, fructose, sodium benzoate, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, aspartame, yeast extract, glycerol fatty acid ester
    *contains soy
Include Measuring Cup, Resealable Cap
  • Be sure to check the ingredients list and do not drink if you have any food allergies.
  • If adverse effects occur, discontinue use.
  • When opened, use the included resealable cap to tightly seal the bottle and store upright in the refrigerator. Please drink as soon as possible after opening the bottle.
  • Children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use product.
  • Consult with your physician before use if you are taking medication or under treatment.
  • Do not freeze or heat product.
  • Be careful not to cut yourself with the edge of the cap.
  • Color or flavor may be affected over time, but product is still safe to consume.
  • Maintain a balanced diet when using product.

United Beauty Sets

  • ReFa Resilient Facial Duo



    bundle includes:

    ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH (480mL) x 1

    ReFa CARAT RAY x 1

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