New United Beauty Launches for Fall-Winter 2018

New United Beauty Launches for Fall-Winter 2018

New United Beauty Launches for Fall-Winter 2018

  • ReFa CLEAR

A whole new category in global beauty culture pioneered by ReFa, United Beauty fuses ReFa’s breakthrough personal beauty devices with the brand’s luxury skincare products for greater efficiency – and more substantial results.

Fall-Winter 2018 saw the launch of four exciting new ReFa products in the United Beauty category. In September, ReFa USA launched the ReFa CAXA RAY – an innovative personal beauty device that uses platinum micro-rollers, two CAXA lines, microcurrent, and ReFa’s original Release Lift action to help visibly sharpen facial contours and features. The performance of the ReFa CAXA RAY is enhanced when paired with ReFa FACE-UP CREAM, which hydrates while improving the device’s adhesiveness to the skin.

In November, ReFa USA simultaneously launched ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH – the brand’s first entry in the trendy collagen beverage market – along with the ReFa CLEAR facial cleansing brush and its complementary Fine Bubble face wash, ReFa CREAM WASH.

With its high-purity, low-molecular concentrated collagen and delicious mixed fruit flavor, ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH meets the United Beauty criteria by providing inner care for the skin – i.e., resilience and glow from the inside out. When used as a regimen with ReFa rollers and skincare products, ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH empowers you to take your beauty to the next level.

Together, the ReFa CLEAR and ReFa CREAM WASH are emblematic of all that United Beauty stands for. With the world’s first 3D Sonic Ion technology, a contouring KUMANOFUDE brush head and multiple modes of operation, the ReFa CLEAR gently removes dirt, grime and impurities embedded deep within the pores for an unparalleled facial cleansing experience. Add the high-density, ultra-hydrating Fine Bubble foam of ReFa CREAM WASH to the ReFa CLEAR, and your pores will be thoroughly purified by deep-cleansing sonic vibrations – with no danger of stripping away your skin’s vital moisture.

Whether you’re giving or receiving ReFa this holiday season, we encourage trying all four new products together for beautiful skin from the inside out – and the United Beauty experience.

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