Questions about ReFa S CARAT

Yes. This device may be used on with or without make up on the skin. After use, be sure to clean the device first with a soft cloth and then gently wipe it over again with the supplied Cleaning Cloth.
We recommend using the ReFa roller after applying yourdesired skin care products. After use, be sure to wipe off any lotion or cream residue with a cloth, and then gently wipe the device with the supplied Cleaning Cloth. NOTE : please do not use the device with exfoliating scrubs or creams containing sulfur components because these products may cause discoloration, deterioration, or scratches.
No. This device is not waterproof. Do not use it in water or in places with high humidity (such as a steam sauna).
The solar panel captures sunlight or artificial light and generates microcurrent*. It does not serve a charging or storage function. Please use in a well-lit environment.
*Microcurrent is akin to an extremely mild biological electrical current. You will not feel any stinging or tingling sensation.
Due to the design and structure of the product, there may be some slight rattling or uneven rotation between the rollers. However, if you feel that there is something wrong during use, please contact the local agent where you bought the device, or the customer service center at ReFa USA.
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