Questions about ReFa Crystal

Yes, no problem. Please use it everyday to care for your skin.
There is no prescribed length of time, but at first, try using it for a short time and then use it as suits your skin.
Yes. This device may be used on with or without make up on the skin. After use, be sure to clean the device first with a soft cloth and then gently wipe it over again with the supplied Cleaning Cloth.
Yes. However, the device is designed to deliver microcurrent* only when the rollers and other hand are simultaneously in contact with the skin. Thus, for the best results, we recommend using it on your bare skin.
*Microcurrent is akin to an extremely mild natural and biological electrical current. You will not feel any stinging or tingling sensation.
You will feel the sensation fully without using much force, so roll the device gently and slowly without excessive force. Vigorous or aggressive movements can harm or damage the skin.
No. This device is not waterproof. Do not use it in water or in places with high humidity (such as steam sauna).
Yes. The device may be carried on board an airplane. However, some airlines may have different regulations, so please check with your airline or airport security in advance if you have any concerns.
The solar panel captures sunlight or artificial light and generates microcurrent*. It does not serve a charging or storage function. Please use in a well-lit environment.
*Microcurrent is akin to an extremely mild biological electrical current. You will not feel any stinging or tingling sensation.
It is crystal glass manufactured by Swarovski and is called SWAROVSKI®CRYSTALS.
Due to the design and structure of the product, there may be some slight rattling or uneven rotation between the rollers. However, if you feel that there is something wrong during use, please contact the local agent where you bought the device, or the customer service center at ReFa USA.
People who have experienced allergic reactions to platinum jewelry should not use this device. If you have experienced allergic reactions to metals other than platinum, try the device in an inconspicuous area to confirm that no abnormal reaction occurs. If your skin does not react negatively, you may continue to use it.
We strongly caution against using the device during the early unstable stages of pregnancy or immediately after childbirth. Also, we recommend consulting with your doctor before using this device when your skin is sensitive, such as while breastfeeding or during menstruation.
Please consult with your doctor. With atopic dermatitis, allergic reactions to the product may vary from one person to another.
Do not use the device directly over any mucus membrane, wounds, injured areas, inflamed skin, areas of excessive sunburn, or any other part of the skin where you are experiencing irritation or skin problems.
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