Questions about HIGH TENTION MASK

Yes. Daily use of this product is safe and effective. Under typical conditions, however, use of this product 1-2 times per week is usally sufficient to maintain a noticeably firm and even skin tone.
Our recommended minimum application time is 20 minutes. You may leave the mask on as long as the mask serum remains moist. Please be sure to remove the mask before it dries.
Usage once a week is recommended, but you may use this mask more as desired or based on the condition of your skin.
Yes. Please note that facial perspiration (caused by a hot bath) may diminish the effect of the mask and that excessive humidity and perspiration may casuse saturation of the mask. If the mask becomes saturated, the mask serum may shart to drip. Please take care to avoid mask serum from running in to your mouth, nose, or eyes.
This mask is available in one universal size only. The size is set based on the average face area. The mask uses an extremely stretchable material, and so the size can be adjusted. Men can also use it.
No. Please be sure to always remove the maks while sleeping. If the mask dries out, the moisture will escape, and the mask could cover your nose or mouth while you are sleeping.
The mask has a strong moisturizing effect. So we recommend the mask for people with dry skin. The mask also has a strong firming effect, and so we recommend it for people who concern about facial sagging.
The mask has no added fragrance.
No, this is not necessary. We recommend allowing the skin to absorb any mask serum that remains on the skin.
The mask is made of extremely stretchable material, and it is difficult to tear. You may tear the mask, however, if you attempt to stretch it excessively or pull it in forceful jerks.
The application method is described using illustrations in the supplied Instruction Manual. Please refer to the instruction Manual first if you have any questions. When spreading the mask, first spread the part that will cover the forehead. Once you have applied that part to your forehead, adjust the eye positions and nose position for best results. The mask will have winkles if you apply the mask to the neck or chin first or if you try to position the mask by fulling on the mouth, nose, or eyes cut outs.
Storage in refrigerator is not recommended because the mask was designed for use at room temperature.
The manufacturing date is represented in a code on the box and on the bag. If you have any questions, please contact customer service and we will check the code and let you know the manufacturing date.
Immediately rinse your eyes thoroughly with cool water without rubbing them. If you experience any pain, itchiness, redness or other symptoms, please consult a physician.
We strongly caution against use of this mask by children. This mask was designed for use by adults, and it has not been sfety tested for use by children. For adults with sensitive skin or who have developed allergic reactions to cosmetics in the past, we recommend testing the product first on an inconspicuous area, such as on the inner side of the arm, to confirm that no negative reactions occur. in certain cases, women who are menstruating may have sensitive skin.
If accidentally swallowed, rinse out your mouth and drink a cup of water or milk. If you feel unwell, consult with a physician.
An extremely stretchable sheet is used, including for the area covering the ears, and so if you feel any discomfort, remove it once and stretch it, and then re-apply it so that it is looser.
Unopened product is tested to last three years from the manufacturing date. Please use as soon as possible after opening.
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